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At Home Radon’s trained and caring professionals deliver the protection and results your family deserves. We provide you with exceptional service while giving you the freedom to focus on your priorities.

Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell, or taste radon, but it Is present in many homes. Breathing air containing high levels of radon increases your risk of getting lung cancer. The Surgeon General has warned that breathing higher levels of radon is a cause of lung cancer.

Very happy with the work performed at my home. The crews were polite and explained everything to me. I had an existing Radon pipe that was installed when my house was built. They made some minor adjustments and the system got my levels from a 6.8 down to 2.2.
- T. B., Milford, OH

Brett was very knowledgeable and excellent to work with! He focused on a high quality outcome for my home and reducing the radon levels. The scheduling and back office personnel were pleasant and easy to work with.
– R. R., Green Twp., OH

Our radon system experienced a fan failure. I called At Home Radon. The technicians that came out to service the system were very professional and courteous. They found that the fan had been accidentally turned off by some storage boxes. One of the technicians made a Herculean effort to reach the fan switch from behind a mass of obstructions and solved the problem. I was completely satisfied with this company!
– D. L., Madeira, OH

Outstanding service, great rates and a guarantee to get the radon levels below 4 & they did it.
– T. E., Milford, OH

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Testing is the only way to know if you have elevated levels of radon in your home. You can TRUST the professionals with At Home Radon to take care of your home from start to finish.

Getting your home tested is simple, just call us to schedule a professional radon test at 513-561-TEST or contact us here or e-mail us at

Radon Mitigation is the process of reducing radon in your home. A radon mitigation system draws air from under your home’s slab and exhausts it outside where the radon dissipates into the environment. This process is called "sub-slab suction" or "sub-slab depressurization." At Home Radon will access your home and find the best location to install your radon mitigation system. Click here to get a copy of At Home Radon's Easy Guide to Radon, which explains how it works.